A case of the night runs

8pm-7:30am: up all night with sick kid 7:45-8:15am: eat soggy cereal, feed children, guzzle coffee 9:15am: doctor appointment for sick child (they can’t do anything because, you know, she’s still breathing). Just a virus, come back when she’s coding, got it. 10:00am: oh look at that, locked out of the house with a sick, tired […]

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New Year, New Goals

First off, I need to get over the overwhelmingly cliche feeling on starting a fitness, goal-oriented, blog on New Year’s Eve. Me and a couple hundred thousand women with sad, body shaming thoughts are uncorking the chardonnay and thinking, ‘maybe I’ll start a blog.’ So, cheers, ladies. I’m sure we’re all writing for the same […]

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