A case of the night runs

8pm-7:30am: up all night with sick kid

7:45-8:15am: eat soggy cereal, feed children, guzzle coffee

9:15am: doctor appointment for sick child (they can’t do anything because, you know, she’s still breathing). Just a virus, come back when she’s coding, got it.

10:00am: oh look at that, locked out of the house with a sick, tired baby in the car!

10:15am: back home nursing baby for nap.

Current status 10:30am: shamelessly shoveling in my sons cold two day old chicken strips while standing in the kitchen waiting for baby to wake up in 20 mins.



This about sums up my week. Busy at work, battling kid and mom illnesses, dropping balls in the parenting juggling act, and trying to fit in workouts in between. This week just felt extra super duper bonus hard.

Given our schedules, I’ve had to make the tough decision to give up the idea of joining the running group. I was really excited about the opportunity, but it just doesn’t fit into our lives right now. It’s a lot of extra strain, planning, figuring out meals, bed time, and pumping schedules. The cost outweighs the benefit right now and it’s taken some time for me to stammer out the words, ‘it’s okay.’

With the way the schedule has been working out, my only option is the night runs. I really don’t like running at night for a couple reasons:

  • A long time ago, I rolled my ankle once while running at dusk and it was really painful. I remember hitting the pavement in a very dramatic fashion and assumed I would never walk again. I hoped some empathetic onlooker would take pity on me and give me a ride home, this did not happen.
  • If being raised on A Current Affair, Unsolved Mysteries, and Dateline has taught me anything,  I will probably be assaulted, kidnapped, or all of the above while I run at night.  As I run at night, I start to picture my own reenactment actress bopping naively down our local street while the reporter’s voice over starts to foreshadow the events, Alicia had just stepped out for evening run….little did she know…she would be running for her life. Needless to say, my night runs are my fastest times. 
  • My new problem is running at night gets me too amped up for bedtime. I toss and turn tiredly trying to find the right pillow formation, appropriate amount of blanket, and talk incessantly to a tired husband. My body just does not shut down as fast. When I do fall asleep, I’m overtaken by the night sweats. Did I mention the importance of sleep in my life?

I mean, the first two reasons are stupid. My chance of injury and abduction are pretty low, but it still manages to get into my head. The last reason is probably the hardest to cope with right now.

This time around for training has brought a different set of obstacles. Morning workouts are impossible. I barely make it to daycare drop off in one piece. After work is also impossible. I don’t know about other families do it, but the 5pm-7pm time zone in my house is a thunderdome of fussy, tired, hungry chaos. Plus, I don’t want to sacrifice the little time I do have with my kids to be doing something else.

So, after bed time, I lace up my shoes, grab my gear, and do my night run. It’s not ideal, but it’s just where we are at in this chapter in our lives and that’s going to be okay.

A note about my training.

It’s honestly going well. I feel stronger and stronger on my runs. I’m running 3-4 times a week. I also have Red Flannel Run next week and I’m getting stoked for my first race in a long time.


Check out my hill blip on my treadmill workout.


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