This week in running: sewer monsters, red flannelling, myrtls. Not in that order.

Whew! Made it. Another week on the books. Not with it’s own setbacks and triumphs.

The Triumphs.

I started out my week looking for a little motivation and I ended up registering for the Red Flannel Run 5k. This will be my first road race in about two years. This was actually my very first road race when I was like 10 or something and my dad signed me up for it. I still remember thinking it was cool they shut down the roads for us and people showed up to cheer like we were olympic athletes.

I made it out for a run about every other day this week. I either ran outside or made it to the gym. I decided to do a little research and supplemented my running with a myrtl routine. This was the first one that came up on google:

This lovely, taut runner woman made this routine look easy. This is not easy. I felt pretty nerdy swinging my legs around on a mat smeared in my sweat. I forgot what a “donkey whip” was, so I just crossed it off my list. Overall, it was good to do some additional strength training at the end of my run. If you are interested, here is my sweaty list:


Here is me doing this routine again with Amelia.


I also finished this week with an outside run with Harrison. To be very honest, I have mixed feelings about running with my kids. I mean, it’s cute and they dig it, but then you are sharing your workout time with a toddler. Like I said before, my alone time is limited and I enjoy being away for those few minutes to sink into some “me time.” He has fun for about the first mile and then he’s kind of over it. He likes it when I go over big bumps and it shakes him all around. If you see me running with him and purposefully banging my stroller through huge pot holes, I promise you I’m not abusing him, he thinks it’s hilarious.


The Setback.

I had my first injury. Not serious or life threatening. I was running outside on a slushy afternoon and I went to cross the street and stepped into what I thought was a snow bank next to the road. There turned out to be a sewer drain underneath this snow back and my foot went straight in. I have an irrational fear of sewers and I assume there are sewer monsters ready to suck me or my belongings down there forever. This was midway through an already sucky run where I wanted to give up. I tried my best not to burst into little kid scared tears and make it home. I have a bruise, but it’s mostly on my ego.


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