Hello, Running. It’s Alicia.

Sometimes I can be the queen of excuses when it comes to getting out the door to run. Here are a few I came up with last night as I was prepping for my night run:

  • It’s too cold
  • It’s too dark
  • Sidewalks might be icy
  • There might be rapists lurking behind trees waiting to prey on tired runners
  • My (insert body part) hurts

Even though these excuses come up, I have noticed motherhood has drastically changed my willingness to override my excuses. I remember the first time I ran after having my son and the strange exhilarating freedom of running away from my house just to have some time to myself. I never used to get the “zen run” before I had kids, but now I totally get it. Just to be blank, alone with my thoughts or no thoughts at all, and not having a little person need me for a few minutes. I’m lucky to say this is how my first run out there went.

The weather was a balmy 38 degrees. For a January in Iowa, I will take it. It was pretty dark out and I initially felt a little scared being alone on the streets. Very little traffic, no wind, and the neighborhood had a quiet stillness. As I was rounding my first corner, I saw another runner rocket past me. Then, another runner up ahead. Then, another. As if it were a staged, other runners were just spilling into the streets. Seeing the flashes of runners zig zagging the streets, I started to feel more confident. If I was any faster, I would have high fived them. It felt really good to be out.

I ended up running 1.61 miles in 18:09 minutes. It was more work than I wanted it to be and I sincerely thought I was running a lot faster, but whatever. I got out there, I felt good, and it was great for my mental health as well.

Also, mini new goal. I think I will be doing Red Flannel Run 5k beginning on February 10 as a bonus race to work towards. I’m hoping to run at least three days a week and building back a base of running three miles for this 5k.


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