Gotta Get the Gear

After hearing this would be the last year for Dam to Dam, I mustered the courage to add running gear to my Christmas list. I was given a gift certificate to Fleet Feet by my in laws. I have been a Fitness Sports enthusiast for years and I feel like a dirty, dirty cheater for not purchasing my shoes there. I even felt the hot prickle of shame when, Julie, at Fleet Feet helped me into my first pair of shoes. But hey, running shoes are expensive and I’m broke, so shut up shame voice.

I didn’t have a lot of time as I headed over after a cancellation opened up my calendar. I picked out these beauties, the Wave Sky, by Mizuno. They feel like little sleep number beds for my feet. I gave them a test run in the 20 foot long hallway, imagining my Dam to Dam finish with a salty brow and chaffed thunder thighs. I could almost hear the Isiserettes in the background.

As I was leaving, and kindly telling, Julie, I didn’t want to join any email club mumbo jumbo, she did give me a flier for their running group, which trains for the half marathon. I’m wavering on joining it. Running in a group setting freaks me out. All the things the group touts are the things that makes me cringe.

If I am being completely honest, I’m legitimately worried about bodily functions. Running and my GI system sometimes disagree. The fear of filling my pants on a run with my new found running buddies terrifies me. If you’re thinking this won’t happen, it has and it still haunts me.

In all honesty, the times the group meets, sort of wrecks my family life. As I mentioned, I’m breastfeeding and pumping. This takes extra time to figure out feeding my daughter or pumping before I head out for a run. I will have to figure out that business, but going to a running group might be a way to push myself out of the comfort zone and may bring me closer to my goal.

I will let you know what I decide!


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