New Year, New Goals

First off, I need to get over the overwhelmingly cliche feeling on starting a fitness, goal-oriented, blog on New Year’s Eve. Me and a couple hundred thousand women with sad, body shaming thoughts are uncorking the chardonnay and thinking, ‘maybe I’ll start a blog.’ So, cheers, ladies.

I’m sure we’re all writing for the same reasons:

  • tired of failed attempts at whatever Pinterest diet fad we threw ourselves into
  • tired of seeing a body that hasn’t belonged to me for the past four years of pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • tired of cloaking ourselves in a weird mix of maternity clothes and blouses that aren’t pit stained beyond the smell test just yet
  • And just fucking tired because our children repel sleep unless they strapped to our bodies or latched to our nipples.

Okay, maybe these are just my reasons. At any rate…

My goal is really just to complete Dam to Dam for it’s last year in Des Moines. The 20k distance race has scolded me the past two times I ran it and I would like to actually train and feel somewhat good about registering. Who knows? Maybe over the course of my training find the ghost of my former body lurking behind the saggy mom butt and crooked c section smirk across my belly.

Blogging serves the purpose of accountability and to recording my attempts and setbacks at meeting this goal. It’s also a record of battle of balancing sleepless nights and fitting in exercise. My sister sent me this article which discusses the importance of sleep over exercise. While I agree, this isn’t my reality. I’ve accepted my kids are shitty sleepers and sleepless nights won’t be disappearing anytime soon.

I’m also tired of putting race goals on hold until my little red eyed cherubs sleep through the night. So, here I am. Starting somewhere, right?

Join me on my battle to get race ready, reclaim some muscles under my mom flab, and maybe get some rest in between.


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