This post is not about running.

I’m staring at my unfinished drafts hanging out on this blog. I have started and abandoned a handful of posts about getting back to running during a pandemic. Then, the events of Ahmaud Arbery’s murder stole my thoughts. Everything I had to say about running seemed so small compared to what was happening in the […]

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13.1 and done.

The Des Moines Half Marathon ended four weeks ago, but my thoughts on this race have not. Although I’m late to report, still wanted to close out my thoughts on this race and the crazy good stuff that came together on this day. The weather First, this weather was impeccable. I like to pretend I’m […]

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Capital Strider Wannabe

After my inspirational interview with Oprah and Brene Brown, I’ve been focusing on getting in the mileage I need for my next race, The Capital Pursuit 10 mile race. I joined a running group through the YMCA to help me with my long run blues. This group meets three times a week with a long […]

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My Lost Interview with Oprah Winfrey

The taping, original transcript, and edits of my interview with Oprah Winfrey about my training were tragically lost. The following transcript has been taken completely from memory.  Oprah: Alicia, thank you so much for joining to me today. My production team received letters from all three of your followers with burning questions about your current […]

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Smells Like Team Crotch Sweat

It’s been kind of tough figuring out the next race journey since I’ve missed the timing on the usual Des Moines racing milestones for me being Dam to Dam and the Drake 10k. In fact, the day of the Drake road races series this year was a race day runner’s dream for weather. Just perfect. […]

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Mom Butt.

This blog post has been plaguing me since I stopped running over the summer. I went back and read my inspirational last words of my previous post and think, shut up lady. An unexpected midnight banking transaction served as a reminder that my subscription to wordpress auto-renewed and sent my personal checking account into the […]

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Pools, hills, and new gear.

Holy shit. It’s official. I signed up for Dam to Dam. All my nights of not sleeping has trained me for the registration opening at 6:00 am. I assumed some cruel twist of fate would leave me to be boxed out of the race as the 8001th runner, so I set a 5:50 am alarm […]

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